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Chairing Meetings
Module length: Half day
Like many things in life, it’s the meetings that are badly chaired that stick in our memory. A good chairman makes the meeting seem effortless, and yet everyone comes away feeling the time was well spent. In today’s busy practices, time is at a premium and being able to chair an effective meeting will make everyone feel happy to be part of the team. It will produce clarity on action points, save time for everyone concerned and enhance your standing in the medical community.
Managing Change
Module length: Half day
If there’s one thing that the medical profession has become used to in recent years it is change. Whatever your feelings on the subject, it is going to happen. This seminar aims to help you manage change systematically and embrace rather than react to change. It will help you to recognise how different people react to change and gain their trust and commitment to changes that have to happen. Above all it will help you to look to the future of your practice with confidence.
One-to-one coaching to help put skills into practice
Module length: Individually agreed with GP being coached
Top performing athletes have coaches to spur them on to even greater levels, and similarly managers from whatever environment are looking more to this method of development to improve their skills. The one-to-one coaching in this programme is aimed at putting new skills into practice, and can be linked to any of the previous modules. It will also be linked in to achieving specific objectives. The coaching will not be open-ended, but the timescale will be agreed in advance so that the cost can be adequately budgeted. The main benefits will be to bring you professional development at a pace and at a time to suit you and give you easy-access help to attain higher development levels.
Developing the values and culture for the practice
Module length: Half day

This can follow on either from the Leadership seminar or from the seminar on Designing a Business Strategy, both of which outline the need to set a specific culture within the practice, before one emerges that is undesirable. To create a buy-in to a culture that will affect all that are working within a practice, it is important that this seminar is held with as many of the practice members as possible. It will bring several benefits to the practice, including:

An easier decision-making environment.
A better understanding of the effects of individual behaviour .
A clearer direction for all to work to.
Teambuilding for individual practices
Module length: Full day
This module encompasses a shortened version of the team exercise that was used in the previous module ‘Teamwork Essentials’. The message from this module is often so powerful, that delegates may wish to run it again for their complete team back at the practice. In this case, the session outline can be altered accordingly, and the objectives and agenda agreed with the individual GP managers. Running a team building day for your whole practice will give you a more harmonious working team, higher productivity and a lower staff turnover. Above all the whole team will gain an understanding of what true teamwork feels like and how to get there.
Practice Professional Development Plans
Module length: Flexible, depending on the size of practice
A Practice Professional Development Plan is another essential part of the modern practice’s toolkit. Drawing in all the necessary elements to produce a workable and balanced plan can be tricky and this module aims to help a practice put all the elements into perspective so that correct priorities may be drawn. One or more of the practice members may find it helpful to attend a module on Building a Strategy for the Practice in preparation for this. It will also help for as many members of the practice to have done at least some initial work on their Personal Development Plans. One of the principal benefits in having an outside facilitator for this is gaining a fresh and unbiased perspective and gaining commitment to the plan from all parties. The practice will benefit from all round better management and employees who know what they are contributing to the success of the practice.
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