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Teamwork Essentials
Module length: Full day
If there is bad teamwork in a practice, then often the first ones to suffer are the patients. But what does true teamwork really feel like? By the end of this module, you will be able to say that you have experienced true teamwork, and be able to translate it back into your own practice. You will be able to recognise the strengths and limitations of different types of people and use the information to handle difficult people. You will also be able to use the information to make more informed recruitment decisions.
Undertaking Appraisals
Module length: Half day
Why have an appraisal system? What goes into an appraisal and how do you set suitable objectives for it? What are the Ďdoís and donítsí of effective appraisals? How does my personality affect the success of an appraisal? This seminar answers all these questions and more. It will help to give you employees who feel more appreciated and enhance communication in your practice as well as training and development plans.
Conducting Interviews
Module length: Half day

It is said we make a decision to recruit within the first minute of meeting an interviewee and spend the rest of our time justifying our decision! This session will help overcome rash judgements so that a more rational decision can be made. If you want to be able to establish what kind of person you want to recruit, prepare and conduct a constructive interview and avoid common pitfalls, then this seminar will help. Effective interviewing will bring:

More rational decision-making in the recruitment process.
More effective working teams.
Better understanding of the person being employed.
Presentation Skills
Module length: Two full days, each of which can be stand-alone

Speaking to an audience is a skill which can be learned with practice. Good presentation is compelling and persuasive, enabling the presenter to convey innovative concepts that the audience will accept. Furthermore, it will enhance your personal and practice image. The full course is split into two separate days, which both stand alone. However, it is strongly recommended that participants complete Presentation Skills 1 before embarking on Presentation Skills 2. Presentation Skills 1 covers physical aspects of standing in front of an audience, whilst Presentation Skills 2 will cover formatting, visual aids and specific requirements.

Note: For both days, participants will be videotaped to help show areas to be improved and also progress during the course. Emphasis during the course will be put on practice and therefore the number of participants will be limited to 8.

Personal and Practice Image
Module length: Half day

We form a lasting impression of a person or a place within 20 seconds! How important it is then to make sure that the image we create is the image we want to make. Patients, if they have a choice, will always choose the doctor or the practice whose image is closest to their ideal. This seminar will enable you to analyse what you and your practice are doing well to promote your image and that of the NHS to the patient, as well as identify and rectify areas of weakness. This can bring the benefits of:

Increased self-confidence in yourself and the practice.
Improved standing in the community.
Ensuring that you are known as a successful practice.
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