We believe that in this era of constant change, everyone should learn how to take responsibility for their own careers, and that training through courses and academic qualifications is only the beginning of the journey to enhance skills. We can work with managers to help them learn how to develop their employees successfully so as to improve team work and lower staff turnover, or we can work directly with employees and coach them in continuous professional development until it becomes second nature. We encourage participants to consider a whole range of development methods to enable them to move up the skills ladder. Here is how we view levels of personal capability:

The understanding that going on a course or reading a book does not make us experts in that subject is crucial to creating improvements to the way that we do things. Having a coach or a mentor can facilitate this process.

"It was really a pleasure to have you as my coach for the past 9 months. I hope I will always be reminded of the things Iíve learned and the things that changed my personal and social life."