How many contracts have you lost because of cultural differences? Not an easy question to answer, since if we are unaware of cultural issues, then we may be losing contracts without even realising the reason why. Sometimes it is all too easy to put the loss down simply as 'wrong product', 'wrong price', 'wrong delivery time', when the real reason may be very different and rooted in our different cultures. A seminar cannot supply all the answers, but will go a long way towards increasing sensitivity on cultural issues and heightening awareness of the pitfalls. We look at how differences arise, so that attitudes may be more readily understood and handled. Our philosophy is that 'the way others do things is not better than ours, nor worse, just different.' Learning about cultural diversity will give you executives who are more competent to handle the challenges of their environment and give improved working relationships within the company and with clients.

"I had a business trip to South Africa, where I had to observe their way of doing business. The hints that we received in your seminar really worked out and please take my thanks for that again."