Rendez-vous was established in the UK in 1987 with an office in Cambridge and was later expanded to include an office in the East Midlands. Its initial focus was European language training including cultural awareness and export support. Rendez-vous introduced innovative language courses and authored published courses in French, German and Spanish. In 1996, Rendez-vous manager Sally Fagan established Rendez-vous Management Consultancy in Singapore and changed the focus to training and consultancy in interpersonal skills and personal development. On her return to the UK in 1999 the emphasis on management development was retained in the East Midlands office. In 2001 Rendez-vous introduced the unique new programme for doctors, 21st Century GP.

Rendez-vous believes that your greatest asset is your people. Our development programmes lead management and employees to take responsibility for their organisationís growth and their own individual development. Rendez-vous believes in using interactive methods during workshops to make them more enjoyable, and consequently more effective. We also believe that a training course is only the start of your journey to improve your skills, and so we aim at longer term partnerships with our clients to make sure that you are able to put new skills into practice back in the workplace. Click Personal Development Programmes for more details.

Rendez-vous' primary aims are:
individual growth and fulfilment
improving leadership
higher employee retention
improving work teams