Today's General Practitioner is much more than a medical expert. Larger practices require management skills and teamwork from all who work there to make them into the successful and efficient operations that the general public expects.

21st Century GP is a management development programme specially designed for you. Starting with how to write a Personal Development Plan, the modular format allows you to construct a personal programme of development, which can count towards a Certificate and then Diploma in Professional Development from the Institute of Administrative Management.

Unlike usual commercial courses, this programme has been designed to meet your requirements, your budgets and your time restrictions. The seminars allow you to learn non-clinical skills with like-minded people with a similar background, and individual coaching helps the all-important step of putting new skills into practice in the practice.

Sign up only for the seminars you need from the arranged schedule or organise a bespoke seminar for your practice or Primary Care Organisation.
Prices to suit your budget.
Topics have been designed and developed to meet the needs of GPs in today's practice and wider medical profession.
Learn non-clinical skills with like-minded people with a similar background.
Bite-sized chunks of training to fit in with study days and a busy schedule, plus help with practical application back in the workplace.
Added Value
Work towards a management qualification through a recognised institute.
Learn skills which are essential to operating a successful 21st Century GP practice.
The 21st Century GP programme is presented by Rendez-vous Management Consultancy. Over twelve years of experience in management development for professional people is now being made available exclusively to the medical profession in this unique programme. Designed in conjunction with an experienced GP and board member of a Primary Care Group as our medical adviser, 21st Century GP aims to take primary care to new levels of success.